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UML - Object Oriented Analysis & Design with Sparx Enterprise Architect


Participants of this training course will learn how to perform activities related to Analysis and Design of software systems upon the concepts of Object-Oriented principles, using the UML notation and with Sparx Enterprise Architect modeling tool.

Objectives & Learning Outcomes   Duration
As a result of taking this course, the participants will understand and be able to:
  • Perform Analysis & Design activities throughout a software development lifecycle using Object-Oriented principles
  • Use UML core diagrams and elements to represent any software to be built/maintained/evolved

  • Use Sparx Enterprise Architecture features to produce high quality models and documentation
  4 days (28 hours)

Business architect,Business analyst, System analyst, Project manager, Software architect, Software designer, Developer, Test analyst

Course Outline   Prerequisites

Note: The modeling tool Sparx Enterprise Architect is introduced and its features are explored during all practical exercises, but the tool is not the main focus of this course, therefore this outline does not highlight each and every specific aspect of the tool. If you are looking for a course just focused on Sparx Enterprise Architect Fundamentals, please click here.

        Available Via...
Introduction Best Practices Beyond OO Analysis   Onsite training
  • UML - Motivation and Background
  • Traceability: linking Requirements to Use Cases to Classes
Online Training (live, instructor-led)
  • UML usage x software development lifecycle

  • Test Planning x UML - an Overview

Requirements  & UML

  • Working with Prototypes
  • Requirements Management with UML

Object Oriented Design & UML    
  • What are Use Cases and Actors

  • Adding Design details to Class Diagrams
  • Writing Effective Use Cases
  • Sequence Diagrams for Use Case Realization

  • Use Case Relationships
  • Adding Design Patterns
  Tips & Insights
Object Oriented Analysis & UML
  • Using UML State Diagrams
  This training course can be customized to meet your specific needs, such as: SysML, Business Process Simulation, UML for Real Time and/or Embedded Software Systems Modeling.
To do so, please contact us
  • Object-Oriented Principles and Fundamentals
  • Activity Diagrams at Design Level

  • Domain modeling with UML Class Diagrams
  • Code Generation based on UML Diagrams
  • OO Analysis Class Diagrams

Best Practices Beyond OO Design  
  • Classes and Relationships
  • Data Modeling & UML
  • Defining Atributes and Operations
  • Component Diagrams
  • Understanding Activity Diagrams
  • Deployment Diagrams

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